“Top 10 Inspirational Interior Design Trends 2020”

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Best of the 70s and 80s


01. Best of the 70s – 80s


The disco nightclub, once cool in the 70s, makes another comeback. This time in combination with the luxury, velvet softness, and oblong volumes of the 80s. We’ll still see some of the traditional, vintage detailing of those times but in a more contemporary approach, Karin says. It’s going to be all velvet everything.



Retro Shades


02. Retro Shades


Play up pale pink, celadon green, and yellow ochre by pairing them up against warm neutrals for the home decor. There’s more than one way these shades can work the mood. Bring out this palette to add even more velvet soft furnishings, to add a touch of retro on furniture pieces, to paint the walls, or as wallpapers.



Go Dark


03. Go Dark


Dark colors are currently having a moment—which means that if you’ve always wanted to paint your apartment in dark shades, now is the time to finally give it a go. You can rely on sleek black, dark grey, dark maroon, or the classic navy blue as an expression of elegance and unexpected boldness.



Comeback Queens


04. Comeback Queens


We’re about to witness the return of two colors: beige and champagne. These comeback queens reign supreme not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom, and yes, even our bathrooms. The elemental colors and textures of metal, rich marble, cane and terracotta will be on-trend once again, completing the palette.



The Greener the Better


05. The Greener the Better


Green means more sustainable materials, more recycled materials, and less power consumption. Make an effort to select pieces that are not only beautiful but also good for the environment, such as sustainable consumer goods that contain elements of used plastic, stylish tables and chairs made out of reclaimed wood. Maybe even second-hand furniture.



Textural Expressions


06. Textural Expressions


2020 is all about rich, textural expressions and 3D patterns. More surfaces with textures rather than the usual smooth finishing all over, but not necessarily as a form of art. “It can be as simple as textured natural stone for the wall, or a 3D wallpaper, for an easier installation,” Karin says. Layering different textures will create depth and add more character to a space.



Integrated Spaces


07. Integrated Spaces


This year get rid of the walls between the kitchen and the dining or living room to make for a bigger, breathable space—less partition for more flexible usage. Now we have not only a functional kitchen, but a hangout space, a working space, a place to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at the same time a private area to host events with close friends.



Hybrid Homes


08. Hybrid Homes


Have you ever considered blending two or more living spaces? We are facing frequent instances where the living and working areas collide. And we love the idea of creating shared spaces in the homes: a combined bathroom/laundry room, kitchen/dining/living areas, and the blended bedroom/study.



Smooth Curves


09. Smooth Curves


There’ll be curves basically everywhere—the walls, furniture pieces, and interior accessories. Circular shaped furniture, curved sofas, anything featuring a circle will create a feeling of comfort in the homes. If you need interior design ideas for living room walls, curvy silhouettes in the details make for a visually interesting composition.



Timeless Beauty


10. Timeless Beauty


Think of timeless classic mid-century furniture not as statement pieces, but fully functional movables that serve a purpose. Something along the lines of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman by Charles and Ray Eames, the Chandigarh chairs of Pierre Jeanneret, the Barcelona chair and daybed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, and Paul Kjaelholm’s PK 22 lounge chair and PK 24 Hammock Chair.



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