“A Pragmatic Collection, Unveiled”

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Indonesia is a country with abundant natural resources and cultures and Kezia Karin as one of renowned Indonesian interior designers, wants to embody the representation of both worlds by combining traditional heritage with an edge of modernity in its line.


Seeing that as an opportunity not to be missed on, Karin decided to launch a set of furniture collection called 1:1 KEZIA KARIN. The launching was held at La Flo Jakarta on May 22nd – 23rd , in collaboration with Sana Living, Goodrich Global, Novacolor, Zinnia Murals & Art Finishes, and Kluge. The reason behind this event is not merely to flaunt Karin’s latest project but beyond that, she yearned to reach out more people into understanding the idea behind this particular project. Combining a sense of rich Indonesian heritage with modern influences as one authentic style is what she aims for.


From the very beginning, 1:1 KEZIA KARIN was intended to be more than just furniture. The set of collection was purposefully designed for those who desire something more shopisticated for their living space. The inspiration itself came from both her childhood and her travel; she used to live in a beautiful Dutch colonial house somewhere in Yogyakarta and then she combined that recollection with the insights she got on her travelling experiences. Hence, 1:1 KEZIA KARIN happened.


Karin is also proud to say that this visionary project was done entirely in Indonesia, by experienced and creative hands of Indonesian’s craftsmen. 1:1 KEZIA KARIN has both indoors and outdoors furnitures that can blend perfectly with a modern-designed house, because of its versatility. The collections were built with clean lines, but extra attention was put to the details and its ability to be functional yet comfortable and adaptable to any environment. For example, one of her favorites, Dhira Dining Table. It’s a beautiful glass table which can be a beautiful piece for your dining room, but at the same time, it’s also a stylish meeting table for your modern office. Yes, it’s that versatile.





Dhira Dining Table ; a personal favorite





Testa Daybed, Rana Room Divider and Cassie Stool. Each of these can be used as something else, for example that lovely stool can be used as side bed table



To be stylish and to be a statement, one does not have to be loud; and it’s shown clearly in this collection. Meticulous preparation was put to this project, and also careful consideration about every material that were used to build this entire set of furniture, so that every piece of this collection can really embody the vision that Karin has in mind. In the end, Karin is more than honored to finally launch 1:1 KEZIA KARIN Collection and she hopes that her work can be a clear statement of what have become an inspiration to her.


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