“A Day with The Interns”

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How does it feel to do internship in KEZIA KARIN Studio? Ask our two interns, Marchella and Evelyn. Working in real interior designer world can be challenging compared to what the students learn in college, that’s why internship course is substantial. KEZIA KARIN Studio is delighted to have some interns in the house, and they’re delighted too when they’re asked to share their internship experiences. If you’re curious in what the interns say about KEZIA KARIN Studio, read more to find out their answers!








Hey! Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Evelyn, I study interior design in Universitas Ciputra. I do internship here for six months starting from July. Right now, I’m in my 7th semester.


Where did you find out about KEZIA KARIN Studio?

I found out about Kezia Karin studio from my lecturer and some of my friends. I also checked out the website and saw their projects portfolios.


Did someone refer you?

No, I applied on my own.


Why did you decide to do your internship here?

When I checked out their project portfolios, I really liked it. The style is quite different from the other interior designers. And also, I admire Kezia Karin herself, who built this company from scratch until now she sets a high bar in the interior design world.


You’ve been doing your internship for four months now. What do you think about KEZIA KARIN Studio, in general?

Actually, it was quite hard at first. Everything has to be perfect; and this is real project so we have to work professionally. There’s a lot of revisions, too. But the work environment makes it easier because my coworkers are friendly, easy going, and they’re willing to share their knowledge. So I gain a lot of new experiences here.


What are you working on daily basis?

My job is to help with the modeling and creating specs along with the team members.


Is there any memorable experience you had so far?

The whole internship is quite memorable for me.


Did you learn something new, that you have not learned before in college?

Everything is new to me. We have to focus on the details while working on a project, which I did not learn in college. For example, when it comes to choosing fabric for furniture, we have to know the details and try to imagine how it would feel in the skin when people are sitting on the furniture or simply touching it. Also, the deadline is quite tight since we face real clients here. Chasing the deadlines is a common sight here.


Doing project in interior design world is known to be a long-term project, so while you’re doing your internship here, do you work only in one project?

No, I work on a lot of projects, not just one.


Did you find it difficult when you got in here and had to adapt to a new culture?

Not really, it was quite easy. The coworkers helped me to embrace the culture and the work pace, because they’re all fun to work with.


Have you ever had direct interaction with Ms. Kezia Karin herself?

I had, once. I was called to her office one time, and I was quite surprised because I thought I did some mistakes. But when I got into her office, turned out she just wanted to ask us few things, like how’s the internship going, how was the work... It did turn into an interview session. I was nervous at first, but I was excited as well since I heard the story directly from the one everybody looks up to in the office. How she started the company and how she fought for it. It’s all very inspiring.


What is the one lesson here that you will never forget?

I found it really interesting and unforgettable when Ms. Kezia Karin talked to us, because she inspired me in many ways. She didn’t stop, she didn’t give up even when everyone told her to. So I learned a lesson that even though people don’t believe in you, you have to believe in yourself, because that’s how you get the strength to do big things.









Hi there! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Marchella; I’m also from Universitas Ciputra. I started my internship here together with Evelyn, from July. I’m also in my 7th semester right now.


Where did you find out about KEZIA KARIN Studio?

First I found out Ms. Karin’s Instagram account, and then I opened their website to see all of her projects. Also, my lecturer told me about her, and I have a senior colleague who worked here.


What do you think about KEZIA KARIN Studio?

First thing I noticed from their website, their projects are quite luxurious and very detailed. I love details, anyway. And the owner is a woman, and I’m quite a feminist myself so I’m really excited to apply for internship in this Studio.


So far, how’s the internship?

It’s exhausting and fun at the same time. The projects are quite demanding, and I did a lot of overtime work too even though I don’t usually come home very late at night. But it’s fun, because my coworkers are very easy going and fun and they do a good job teaching us.


How many projects you’ve handled so far?

There are a lot.. Maybe more than seven. That’s why I learned a lot too, because each project demands different things.


What did you learn so far?

I learned how to focus on the details. You cannot choose furniture randomly. You have to know the materials. You have to feel the ambiance, and you have to meet the client’s needs, and if they don’t like it you have to start it all over again.


Did you see the huge difference between working in a real professional world and working on a project in college?

Of course. In college, I have lecturers who will correct and help me when I make mistakes. But in a real professional setting, the clients are unpredictable and they have the final say in the job, and they probably don’t do second chances sometimes.


Did you experience any culture shock on your first day at work?

I did, to be honest... There’s a lot of work to do and I never did that before. For example, choosing furniture for a project can be very frustrating, but when it’s accepted we all felt proud of ourselves.


Is there any remarkable moment you had so far?

Meeting Miss Karin herself. I was surprised when we both were called to her office, and I was so nervous to finally talk to her face-to-face. But turned out she talked to us about a lot of things, the journey of KEZIA KARIN Studio, all her stories inspired me a lot.


What do you do on daily basis?

I make specs, capture, modeling. I do a lot of different things each day.


What do you think KEZIA KARIN Studio’s culture is all about, based on your experience so far?

It’s a hectic place, but my coworkers try to have fun sometimes to subdue the stress. And also the attention to details are amazing, from the scale of one to ten I’d give it 11! Also, we usually throw internal events sometimes. There’s potluck every two months, and if there’s someone resign we’ll eat out together as a farewell party.


What do you think of Miss Karin, both in person and at work?

She’s very firm and detail-oriented, but she’s very gracious and open to new people. I can see her passion when she shares about her knowledge and experience, and that’s what inspires us the most.


Do you have any advice for college students out there who particularly take interests in joining KEZIA KARIN Studio?

This is a very great place to do your internship and to learn about how the real world works actually. I also learn a lot about paying attention to the details here. So, great place to absorb precious knowledge as much as you can before you jump into the real interior designer world.





So, that’s the short interview session with our two interns, Marchella and Evelyn. We accommodate your desire to pursue your dreams of becoming an interior designer. The only question is, will you? If you’re interested in joining our Studio, drop us your CV at career@keziakarin.com and show us what you got.


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