"We are driven by a never-ending curiosity about space and what it can be. We keep ourselves open to possibilities and surprises in every stage of design process."

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Concept Development

Customized Design Concept to Fulfill Specific Purposes

KEZIA KARIN is recognized for its personalized design approach which is meticulously tailored to fit the needs of each project and clients. The very first phase in every project begins with concept development. It is, in fact, a crucial process that determines the entire stages of design process. Our main goal is to provide a bespoke design that should be able to cover all the interior design aspects.

When it comes to making the right concept, KEZIA KARIN Studio develops idea into completion using holistic approach to ensure seamless execution. Since our scope of projects span from residential to commercial, the concept is integrated and developed alongside the property marketing perspective as well. Therefore, we create customized design concept to fulfill specific purposes according to client’s needs.