"Design should transcend trends and style; keep evolving to an unknown form, to an unexpected result."

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Quality is what counts, and that’s how we work. Reshaping people’s lives through our design is what we pursue.

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Story & Philosophy

KEZIA KARIN Studio produce its remarkable result through collaborative practice that forges clearly articulated, meaningful ideas, with innovation, purpose, youth, and experience.

Our Studio’s multidisciplinary approach is driven by an endless curiosity. We gladly take risks to present a strong point of view, a concept to begin the design process, crafting a unique and individual narrative concept for each project. From the big picture to the smallest details. 

Design Concept is powerful and ground-breaking. It’s not just a series of ideas underlying the whole design development, but also acts as the connector between the various elements we are going to put in the designated space which is developed to solve spatial problems, while it also entrances the perspective of the human mind. Bringing these key factors into life is how we seize the moment to stand out among the rest.


We stand by the idea that our design will always evolve to encompass all aspects of design that transcends trends and styles. Our design is distinguished with it is live-able, balanced, and thoughtful designs. For those reasons, it’s very important for us to experiment with materials, and collaborate with independent artists and artisans and other diversely talented people. 

Capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of space is the key to great design. Nothing defines an interior design more than its transcending personality from inside out. KEZIA KARIN Studio’s philosophy is rooted in this simple belief that our part is to translate and enhance what has been our client’s desire into the given space with the eventual work - shaping the environment into an experience.



A humble beginning

We started working on residential projects in Surabaya. A lot of doors open up ever since - leading us to work on restaurants, commercial and retail projects.

A humble beginning


The workbench and drawing board

We grew locally and stronger. Since then, we’ve been working on several hospitality projects for hotels, resorts, and villas all across nations.

The workbench and drawing board


Multiplying success and talents

Our scope of work expanded from city to city, from Asia to America. Now, more than 20 multi-talented people have been a part of our company.

Multiplying success and talents
Kezia Karin
Design is a matter of problem-solving. Interior design is solving spatial problems.
Kezia Karin
About Founder

Came to Surabaya to study Interior Design in Petra Christian University in 2001, Karin found her way to stay in the city even after she graduated to pursue her passion and career in design. 


Building the company with a 2-person outfit, she started with residential projects in Surabaya. Karin firmly believes that quality is what counts. Her style and quality of work gradually attracted bigger projects, such as hotels, starting with 3 stars to eventually 5-star hotels in Surabaya and Jakarta.


More than a decade later Kezia Karin Studio has become one of the most recognized design firm in Indonesia, and Karin oversees more than 20 creative forces in the studio.


Karin continues her never-ending process of learning - allowing her to transform into one of the most adventurous interior designers of our time. While partners and clients have revered her project results as “cutting-edge” and “distinct”, her works have also received accolades, including features in several prominent publications. Therefore, as a strong unit of trendsetters in design, Karin and her team are dedicate to deliver the unexpected, they constantly shift their design paradigms for each project, personalizing the result to shape people’s lives through  design.

Our Team

When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed. -Russel Honore.

Strong on the culture of excellence and teamwork, KEZIA KARIN Studios holds a team with a creative synergy, including the passionate designers, 3D artists, product designers, graphic designers, and a technically gifted support team. All staff on board is experienced and capable to produce a seamless, innovative, and well-considered whole aspects of high-end projects with mindfulness on client purpose and balance on functionality. Understanding interior design means that our result should always answer the ever-changing needs of space. We’ve got each other’s back, and each individual contributes to produce the best design as their life’s works. That’s how we roll!